Quilt Service


Cherie’s Quilt service in Wellington has extensive experience in custom quilting on a Bernina Q24 longarm quilting machine named Cherry Blossom. Cherry Blossom uses the latest technology with superb stitch quality and stitch regulation. 

Types of Quilting

The price for computerised e2e quilting, freehand and custom quilting is $50 per hour. Edge to edge and freehand quilting are both cost effective options. Custom quilting is specifically tailored to the design of the quilt where numerous different designs are quilted over the various areas of the quilt and therefore takes longer. Cherie is happy to work out a plan with you and give you a quote for your custom quilt service.

Battings and Backings

You are welcome to supply your own batting and backing to complete your quilt or Cherie’s Quilt Studio can supply these for you. When supplying your own the batting needs to be 20cm (8 inches) longer than your quilt top. The backing fabric must be 100% cotton and a minimum of 20cm (8 inches) wider and longer than your quilt top, the backing also needs to be straight and even, and, if not Cherie will need to straighten this which will mean your backing should be larger than the minimum required discussed above. Batik and sheet fabric is unsuitable as the stitch count is very high and may result in skipped stitches. 

Please see below for details regarding Cherie’s Quilt Studio supplies for batting and backing fabrics.


  • Polyester - 230cm wide $25pm

  • Cotton/Poly- 230cm wide $34pm

  • Cotton/Wool blend - 250cm wide $36pm

  • Wool/Poly - 240cm wide $38pm 

*If your quilt is larger than the supplied battings a minimum joining fee of $10 is applicable per seam. 


Quilters Muslin is a wide soft cotton fabric 

Available in black, white or cream, 280cm wide $22pm 

For all other backings please enquire as to what stock Cherie’s Quilt Studio has available at the time, Cherie will consult with you regarding a suitable option. 

Wide backing fabrics range from 240cm to 280cm in width and are priced from $40 per metre. 


Bindings can be made and/or attached on one or both sides by machine for a completely finished quilt. The cost is $5 per lineal metre for one side, $10 per lineal metre for both sides and $12 for both sides including the making of binding.


Cherie’s Quilt Studio uses Aurifil thread which is 100% cotton and made in Italy. 

When will I receive my quilt back?

For edge to edge or freehand quilting the lead time is approximately 2 weeks. This lead time cannot be guaranteed in the lead up to Christmas where you will need to allow 4 weeks lead time. You are welcome to book your quilt in especially at busy times to ensure your quilt is quilted on time.  Quilts can be sent anywhere in New Zealand from Cherie's Wellington based Quilt Studio.

Custom quilting often takes more time and the minimum lead time is normally 4 weeks but check with Cherie to see her availability. 


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