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Meet Cherie

Cherie started professionally Longarm quilting on an old Gammil machine where she honed her freehand quilting skills (that’s using a needle like a pencil).  After a demo on the latest Bernina Longarm quilting machine Q24 she was hooked and purchased one to set up in her home based studio in Upper Hutt. This is where she further developed her quilting skills on her quilt machine named Cherry Blossom. After taking an online Longarm quilting class through America it quickly became apparent to Cherie how she could expand her creativity with computerised quilting and purchased the Qmatic (aka robotics for the Q24).

Previous to quilting Cherie has always loved working with fabric and thread and has worked in numerous fabric shops throughout her career. When she left school she trained in Fashion Design and worked in the Fashion Industry.  Once Cherie started having a family she explored Textile Art completing a course in Design and Hand Embroidery.  Cherie continues to work with fabric in all these disciplines in her spare time and you can see what she’s up to on her social media pages.

Quilt service

Welcome to Cherie’s Quilt Studio where Cherie loves to provide you with an exceptional personalised service.

Cherie has extensive experience with all types of quilting and loves bringing out the best in your quilt with her eye for detail and creativity. The two main types of quilting are referred to as e2e (all over designs) or custom quilting where each area of the quilt is isolated and stitched out with a specific pattern in each area.  Look in Cherie’s gallery page for examples of each. With quilting Cherie is able to add that extra dimension called texture and really make your quilt shine and this is what she loves to do. Get in touch with Cherie today to discuss your quilt with her.

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What our clients say

Beautiful quality job. Cherie's lovely, she would answer all your questions and help you with everything you need!

- Silvia Sheppard

Thank you so much for making such a beautiful job on my Laura Ashley quilt. You put a lot of thought into how you did it, and I just love it. 

- Margaret Findlay

Beautiful high quality, unique patterning and designs. Cherie is such a flawless and hard worker with an eye for detail. It's a pleasure to possess one of her elegant quilt that I get to admire each day!

- Sarah Visser


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